Strawberry as well as Chia Seed Jam …

Strawberry and Chia Seed Jam

< img src= "" alt= "Strawberry as well as Chia Seed Jam" > It might look dull however it tastes outstanding; particularly to a diabetic person that could not consume “” genuine” jam. However that requires the sugar?

| That requires the sugar?

1 extra pound icy strawberries.
1/2 tsp stevia, basically to taste
2 tbsps chia seeds or sufficient to enlarge.

Set a tool pan over tool warm as well as include the fruit as well as sugar.
Warm fruit, mixing sometimes, up until it starts to liquify, 5-10 mins depending upon your fruit. Enable the fruit ahead to a boil, as well as allow it remain to steam up until it starts to damage down as well as develop a saucy uniformity, in regarding 5 mins. If nccessary, thoroughly mash fruit with a fork or masher up until it gets to the uniformity you would certainly such as.
Mix in the chia seeds as well as allow prepare for one more min. Mix once again, eliminate from warm, as well as allow rest up until thick, regarding 10 mins.
If the jam appears a little slim, include one more tsp or more of chia seeds, mix, as well as allow rest for one more 10 mins, however bear in mind that he jam will certainly remain to enlarge as it cools down.
To keep, location in a closed jam container or various other container, as well as maintain it in the fridge for approximately 2 weeks. Could likewise be iced up for approximately 2 months.
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